One to One Training Session

Once you have had your initial session you can start your 1-1 coaching to help you and your dog with its behaviour problems. Working wherever the problem occurs, in the home, parks, groomers, vets and anywhere else. 

For puppies and young dogs then the Balanced Energy Canine Puppy Training guide is for you. Working on everything from house training to enjoying a walk on and off the lead, we will work on anything your little puppy can throw at you so you get your dream dog from the start.

Sessions cost £60 for an hour + mileage. 

Sessions can be held

at your home

Nathan bases the basic training first at the home where distractions can be controled. For a safer and more successfull session.

with your dog walker

To help clients keep their dogs calm and relaxed Nathan believes that if you use a dog walker to help your dog have the consistency it need to learn and more importantly improve in the direction that the training is going. This service is very important to Nathan as he wishes to train to the highest service he can.

Nathan will also work with dog walking business to help teach how to achieve a enjoyable and safe walk with your clients dogs. Nathan will go over the basic leash management, basic behaviour advice as well as much more.

at the vets

Nathan understands that the vets can be a stressful place for all involved when things don't go to plan.  So sometimes a little bit of help is needed to gain control in a calm way, which will benefit all.  This will enable the vets to be able to help your dog, without the worry of your dog panicking, biting or hurting themselves.

During this time you will be shown how to help your dog work through their problems.

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