Diagnostic Sessions

Diagnostic sessions takes place where you see most of the problems, so either in the home or in the local community. We always wishe to see first hand what problems you are experiencing and to come up with strategies to fix them.

This session will last up to 3 hours however; as we can't ask the dog to recreate any issues in ten minutes.  In this time Nathan will talk to you and get a true understanding of your life and, more importantly, the dog's life asking questions on food, nutrition, exercise and dynamics in the house.

During the initial session, Nathan will work on some of the basic problems and more importantly, explain why the problems are occurring.  Nathan will explain the basics of dog behaviour and why these behaviour issues have arisen.

£100 plus mileage

Issues we cover include but are not limited to

against Dogs or Humans. Occurring around Feeding times, beds/furniture and other Territorial problems
of Humans, Dogs, Grooming, Heath Checks, Leads, Car Rides, Places and everything else your dog might encounter.
around separation, thunderstorms, fireworks, noise
Food Issues
Including counter surfing, stealing food, eating unmentionable items
Other issues
including, but not limited to, pulling on leads, excessive licking, barking and whining.
General Behaviour Training
In additional to problem issues Balanced Energy Canine Training also cover all of the basic good dog behaviour.

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