Residential Training

BECT Residential Training

Residential Training is for dogs that require more than one to one or group training sessions. In some cases, dogs need to be removed from their home environment in order to begin the rehabilitation process. In particular, dogs with dog aggression problems benefit greatly by being immersed in an environment with a pack of balanced, social dogs. Dogs who are candidates for Residential Training includes dogs that are:

  • aggressive with other dogs or humans
  • highly anxieious or fearful dogs
  • unresposive to commands and out of control
  • nearly impossible to walk on a leash

Each day Residential Training dogs receive 4 sessions of one-on-one training from Nathan, along with joining the pack for a long walk and social time.

The cost includes collection and drop off withing a 10 mile radius of our base

At the end of the residential training period, you will need to put aside at least an hour for a handover session. During this session Nathan will demonstrate how your dog has been working with him

Once your dog is back with you that is not the end of the story. To make sure you can fully understand how your dogs works we advise a series of either one to one training sessions or for you to attend our group training sessions.

£75 per day

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