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Nathan Ledbrook

Nathan, the founder of Balanced Entergy Canine Training, has always had a passion for dogs. Growing up with them, if you ever lost Nathan all you had to do was find the dog and he was sure to be there.

Whilst still at school he would help out at the local dog training club which made him realise that a career with dogs was for him. To this end, he volunteered at a dog behaviour centre in Wokingham.

After school he undertook the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management at the Berkshire College of Agriculture, which he successfully completed.

In May 2015, Nathan flew to work with the talented Brian Agnew and Cheri Lucas in Los Angeles. Nathan shadowed Brian for 10 days, learning how to truly connect and understand dogs and their behaviour issues.

Over the years, Nathan has developed a passion for problem-solving and working with dogs that many trainers have discarded as too aggressive or untrainable.


India the dog

Meet the latest member of the team. A rescue dog of eastern European origin  - most likely an ex-street dog but as with so many rescued dogs we don't know her full history. Her calm energy makes her an ideal candidate to help the many dogs we encounter in our work.

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